Panama is one of my ideas for head soccer. (by Chile 1234)

Panama Flag

The Flag of Panama

Appearence Edit

Brown skin, medium sized nose and brown eyes.

Powershots Edit

Coin Trainer Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Panama's ground shot is called the Container Shot , a giant ship with containers will appear, he will brake and three containers will fall next to the Opponent as the red one contains the ball if the opponent catches the ball the boat will crash into him and he will disappear for 4 seconds ,

Trap Shot (Air Shot) Edit

The Air Shot is called the Trap Shot , Panama will throw a container to the opponent horizontally by the floor, if the opponent gets inside ( the container is open ) the container will close and a crane will put the container on a ship, the opponent will disappear for 5 seconds .

Counter attack Edit

A ship will appear very fast and he will throw a container to the net .

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the major league by winning in the final by a positive 7 goals difference.

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