Flag of Paraguay.

Paraguay is a 5 stars in Arcade, it's power shot is called Bird Shot.


This is not a human, it's a blue bird, with small black eyes, and happy beak. This is the second 'animal' character in the game, after for China.

Power ShotsEdit

Ground Power Shot: Edit

In Ground Power Shot, huge, blue bird flies to the opponent character and we take it under its wings. After it flies to the gate. The bird flies from top, and after take opponent character under its wings flies above the ground to the gate.

Air Power Shot: Edit

In Air Power Shot Paraguay call for a lot birds. All flies to the gate, from the top, flies very fast, only 5 birds 'has' a ball, and only they can get a gate, birds will be around 20. Everybody birds are blue, except those who have a ball. This birds with ball there are a wite.

Counter Attack:Edit

Very big bird out from the ground and eat a opponent character... after it will be try to expectorate opponent character to the gate, it depends on where it will be stand at the Counter Attack.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win with 53 characters in Arcade without losing a goal, or unlock for  5.600,000 points. 


It has a SS Rank Costume, will be silver costume, looking like a laser, it shot laser on the 3 seconds, and shot at 1,5 second. 

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