The Peruvian flag

Peru is a character idea. He comes with Barbados (Character Idea), and Bangladesh (Character Idea). He is a five star opponent, and has a good Power Shot. He was created by wikia contributor SnapShot123.

Appearance Edit

Peru has tanned skin, long black hair and a black goatee.

Power ShotEdit

Peru has two Power Shots, one when he is in the air and one when he is in the ground. He also has a special Counter Attack.

Air Shot:Vine Shot Edit

A vine with the ball shoots toward the goal. If the opponent blocks it, a vine comes down from the top of the screen and carries the opponent away.

Ground Shot:Warrior Shot Edit

A crowd of Inca warriors arrives and carries the opponent away, much like the Colombia's Power Shot.

Counter Attack:Tiger Shot Edit

A tiger carries the ball and charges the net. If he touches the opponent, the tiger will eat him.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win a Major League scoring more than 100 goals.