Αρχείο λήψης-1440264663

Appearance Edit

He has indigenas clothing, golden eyes, silver hair, light golden brown skin.

Powershot Edit

When you press the power button, he gets a wood sword that  hits (and knocks) the opponent every 4 seconds. Peru King have two Powershots and one Counter attack.

(Puma Shot) Ground shot Edit

Peru gets on a puma and it runs with the ball to eat the opponent  the opponent turns invisible if is hit by the ball.

(Tropical shot) Air Powershot Edit

Peru gets two tropical trees and throws them, (one to the left and one to the right) and for Last a giant tropical tree falls from the air directly on the opponent.

(Lion killer) Counter attack Edit

Perú gets on a Lion and it throws Fire and a giant misil (Just like Mon-K Counter attack).

Unlock Requirements Edit

With Ecuador Win 10 times Head cup without Dash or pay 9.000.000 points

Costume Edit

Tattoes, T-Rex teeth hat, and giant wood bar.

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