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Appearance Edit

He is a farmer with brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin. He has a farmer hat and has wheat in his mouth which can be removed when he activates his power or gets hit.

Power ShotsEdit

When he activates his power he becomes on fire for 3 seconds then he turns into Pac Man and gives put multiple strong punches for 3 seconds then he starts punching the opponent every 5 seconds and becomes a farmer again after using power

The Knockout Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will turn into pac man and punch the opponent in the face until he is knocked out

The Boxing Glove Shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will release multiple flaming boxing gloves towards the goal 3 containing the ball

The Rocket Glove Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

His glove will be big and has the ball then the glove will be like a rocket going towards the goal

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the first place in Amateur League without losing more than 50 goals


makes opponent out of control for 5 seconds

  • power+2
  • speed +2
  • kick +3
  • jump +4

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