Qatar's flag

Qatar is a character idea for Head Soccer.

Appereance Edit

He looks like the Sheikh who owns the club Manchester City. He also has a white ghuta and sunglasses which can be knocked off.

Power Shots Edit

Petrol Shot (Air Shot) Edit

His air shot is called Petrol shot. Three petrol jets (chorros) will get out the ground, if a Com is under the jets he will go up by 3 seconds. Then Qatar throws the ball.

Cup Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Qatar will throw money and a world cup trophy will come down to the goal to the opponent wich will squish him for 5 seconds.

Counter Attack Edit

Qatar will throw a petroleum jet horizontally. It goes extremly fast and will make the opponent explode (much bigger explosion then a regular one,there will also be fire all around).


It's a Petrol costume. It will put the opponent on fire (Brazil's effect) for 6 seconds.

  • Kick +5
  • Speed+4
  • Jump +5
  • Power +1
  • Dash +2

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup with scoring 60 goals.

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