Skin like Asura's (a littile bit lighter), black hair,green eyes and a serious face expression.

When his powerbar is charged, he will grow sharp teeth, bigger black eyes, and he will grow a shark fin on the back of his head (in other words,he will turn into a shark-man). He will try to eat the opponent every 5-6 seconds (Wolf head costume effect).

Power ShotsEdit

Shark-Riding Shot (Ground shot) Edit

A lot of sea will appear on the field and Reunion will jump on a shark. Then, they will ride into the opponent's goal (they will also be going up and down a little bit, like the ball in Devil's powershot). If the shark touches the opponent, it will eat him and they will still ride into the opponent's goal. Wich means:touch the shark, and it's a 100% goal for Reunion! The only way to block this is to counter it.

Shark Swim Shot (Air shot) Edit

The sea will appear again and a shark will go down in the water. It will in and out of the water into the opponent's goal (like Devil's monsters), so it can be hard to counter this attack. The effect is the same, touch the shark, get eaten by it, and it will swim into your goal.

Mini-Sharks Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The sea will appear again and 3 smaller sharks will start swiming in it. Then, they will all jump into the opponent's goal when they get to the midille. The first two will eat the opponent if they touch him but they won't score a goal. The third one will because it contains te ball.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Major league without conceding more than five goals.


It's a shark costume. Every 5-6 seconds, the shark will open up his mouth and a lot of water will go from it. It will push back the opponent into his goal.

  • Kick:+4
  • Speed:+3
  • Jump:+5
  • Power:+2
  • Dash:+1


  • There are a lot of sharks in Reunion and that's the reason of the whole idea.

    The flag of Reunion.

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