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Appearance Edit

Ryu will have a red headband on his forehead. He will also have brown eyes and a pair of sunglasses with an ordinary look. When Ryu summons his power shot his headband will come of and his sunglasses will come of and he will have an angry look with an aura of power around him.

Power Shot Edit

Ryu will have 2 power shots and 1 counter attack

Revolution Shot (Air Shot) Edit

When you summon Ryu's Power shot his Headband will come off. His hair will flow up and power will be flowing out of him with having an angry look. Once you get the ball ryu will run to the opponent and uppercuts him into the sky. Then he will kick then punches the opponent into the ground which making your chance to score.

Hadouken Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

When Ryu gets the ball he will start generating a fireball. Then he will he will say "Hadouken" and a big flaming fireball will start to head towards the opponent.It will smash your opponent into the goal and you get a chance to score a goal.

Sword Drop Shot (Counter Shot) Edit

Ryu will say !! Hell !! in a Japanese sort of way. Then the stadium will have fire all around it.Then a flaming sword will drop from the sky and slice your opponent an possibly landing in the goal. Plus he vanish right after he says hell.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

To unlock Ryu you have to to a head cup without kick, jump,or power with 5 characters, or pay him 6,700,000

Costume Edit

Ryu's costume will be a black hole canon costume. every 5 seconds the canon will switch back and fourth launching a black hole like the netherlands shot.

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