Samus is a character created by Akeemhern, a wikia contributor who wants it on the next updates with Iran and Croatia. It's one of the few characters that doesn't represent a country.


Just like Samus Aran's suit helmet. It's reddish and has like a green mask.

Power Shot Edit

Metroid Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Samus Air Power Shot is called "Metroid Shot". A metroid (jellyfish-like creatures) starts firing green slime balls toward the net. One of them has the ball, if the opponent touches the ball, a metroid grabs the opponents and flies away with it for about five seconds, that's when Samus is in the air.

Samus Spaceship Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

When Samus uses Power Shot on the ground, Samus's spaceship appears, Samus steps in the spaceship and then it starts to fire beams toward the net.

Large Blue Beam Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Samus fires a large, blue beam, just like it's final smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Upgrade everything until maximum or pay for 5,800,000 points.