San andreas

Appearance Edit

He has a big head, bold, a golden brown skin colour, a lot of tattoos and he also holds two guns. Just like Dwayne Johnson.

Power Shots: Edit

He will have two power shots.

Earthquake Shot (Air shot): Edit

When San Andreas uses his power shot, he turns into a giant person, then he takes the opponent and throws him to the air, then he makes a big hole on the floor and finally, he takes the opponent and throws him to the big hole.

Mega Punch Attack Shot (Ground shot): Edit

San Andreas turns giant (similiar to Pluto) and he gives a mega punch to the opponent and makes him invisible for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win SS Rank without dash, Power Shot in Survival or pay ?.000.000 points.


It looks like a tapeau with some tatoos and it has 2 miniguns that shoot some bullets (SS rank):

Jump: +2
Kick: +7
Power shot: +4
Dash: +5
Speed: +0