Appearance Edit

Santa Claus would have a long white beard similar to Sweden, but only more curly. He would have a Christmas hat on. In Tournament mode instead of the Christmas hat he would have a special SS rank costume that throws snowballs at the opponent. If the snowball hits the opponent the opponent would freeze like the Russian's Power Shot. In the Head Cup Santa would only appear on 24th December but extremely rarely. Santa is also resistant to any Power Shot that has something to do with ice and/or snow.

Power Shot Edit

Sled Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Santa's first Power Shot is the Sled Shot. When he uses it Santa will jump into a sled full of Christmas presents carried by two deers and say: "HO!HO!HO!". Then he would quickly crash into the opponent's goal with the sled. If the opponent gets run over by the sled he would squish. Santa must be on the ground in order to do this Power Shot.

Present Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Santa's second Power Shot is the present shot. When Santa uses it he jumps high into the air and from up there he throws a light-dark-green wrap paper at the opponent's goal. If the wrap paper hits the opponent he will turn into a green and red Christmas present along with the ball.The opponent can't get out until Santa scores a goal. After that Santa has to kick the present into the opponent's goal. Santa must be in air in order to do this Power Shot.

Counter Attack Edit

Santa's Counter Attack is like a regular one, but multiplied three times (For example if he does this to the South Korea's Power shot he will throw it back three times).

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win against Santa Claus in the Head Cup without using Power Shot.
Cane big

Santa's flag

This can be a very difficult task because he appears in Head Cup only once a year and also very rarely.

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