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He looks like a bully. He has a scar that passes through his eye and his nose. He wears sunglasses, and he is smoking.

Power ShotsEdit

When his power bar is charged and when you press his power button, his sunglasses will drop on the ground, and he gets a pistol. When he gets the pistol, he will shoot the gun once every 3 seconds at the opponent, and the opponent will be pushed towards his own goal. And there will be a sound like this "vroom".

Bully Shot (Air Shot) Edit

When he uses his air shot, he gets a baseball bat and hits the opponent and he/she/it bleeds and disappears.

Henchmen Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

When he shouts "urrr" his henchmen bullies come(8~10)and steal money(there will be coins)and lift up the opponent and strikes at the ground.

Motorcycle shot (Counter Attack) Edit

His motorcycle will fly into the air, and Senegal will ride it. He blow away the opponent.

Unlock RequirementEdit

Reach SS Rank with 30 Counter Attacks or pay 10,000,000 points.


Helmet that has 4 horns. It slows opponent's speed and power shot (SS rank).

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