Sensei is a non country which resembles an old man, with a white beard and a bald head with hair down the sides. like the sensei from fruit Ninja.


He's old and has white hair and a beard which is also white. He has closed eyes and a mouth smiling in the corners

Power ShotsEdit

His Power Shots are the Elemental shot.

Snow Shot

Water Shot

Fire shot

Water Shot (Air Shot) Edit

A red orb, a blue orb and a white orb circle round sensei and the blue orb appears in front of him. sensei disappears and says "Mizu" waves come and the last wave contains the ball. If you touch it, You Turn  into a green orb that can be kicked about.

Snow Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

The three orbs circle round sensei again and this time the white one is in front of him. He disappears and snow fills the stadium (Like Switzerland) a mountain slope appears and sensei says "Yuki" an avalanche comes and the ball is in the middle of the avalanche. 

Fire Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The orbs appear once more and the Red one is in front. sensei teleports to the top corner and says "Kasai" he shoots fire which contains the ball.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Tag Team without Jump or unlock 7,000,000 points.


He wears a straw hat with no effect. this is an B Rank costume


  • Yuki, Kasai and Mizu are all Japanese for snow, fire and water.
  • He is inspired by Lao Tzu.

    This is lao tzu, my inspiration for sensei

This idea was made by Leicstahood

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