Flag of Serbia.svg

The Flag of Serbia

Name Edit


Serbia will be another country from Europe in Head Soccer.


Appearance Edit

Serbia's appearance will look like Nikola Tesla,he would have dark hair,dark eyes,a mustache,white nose,and big lips.

Power Shots Edit

Serbia will own 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack

Electricity shot (Air Shot) Edit

2 rows of electricity will appear in front of Serbia's goal, and will be traveling towards opponent's goal, the ball will be in the 1st row, then will be in the 2nd row, then back to 1st, and so on until it reaches the goal, if hit by the ball the opponent will be become ashes for 3 seconds.

Battery shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A battery will fall from the sky towards the opponent, if it hits him/her/it, he will be knocked into his goal, the battery will be in 2 colors, 1 of them contains the ball.

Light bulb Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Serbia will raise one hand and put it on the forehead, then Serbia will throw a light bulb towards opponent's goal. If the light bulb hits the opponent he will have Cameroon's powershot effect for 3 seconds.The ball is located in the light bulb.

Costume Edit

Serbia will wear an Electro-beam costume, it shoots an electric beam every 4 seconds, this is an SS rank costume.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win 150 matches against 5 star opponents in arcade or pay him for 3,300,000 points