This is my character idea for the country Seychelles. If you think this is a good idea, please comment what you liked or didn't like about it.



Flag Edit



The look of Seychelles is going to be dark skin, with a big earring similar to India's. He has an angry mouth with teeth showing, 2 little dots for a nose. Seychelles has light blue eyes, with eyebrows that make him look angry. His hair is black, and spiked up like Nepal's. He also has a pointy ear, with the earring hanging out of it.

Power ShotsEdit

Air Shot/Crab ShotEdit

The air shot of Seychelles is called the Crab attack Shot. When he uses it, he yells "CRABS!" and then he gets a gun, similar to Ecuador's ground shot, and shoot 3 crabs. (For extra detail, some water will come out.) One of the crabs is green and has the ball. If the opponent gets hit by the ball, he will get taken away for a few seconds, leaving Seychelles with the open net.

Ground Shot/Eel ShotEdit

The ground shot of Seychelles is called the eel shot. When he uses it, he will say "SUMMON EELS!" and then a wave comes out in front of the net. A few eels will come out, all of them having the ball, They will slither on the ground, like snakes. If the opponent gets hit with one of them, He will get electrocucted (Like Cameroon's Power shot) for 3 seconds, leaving Seychelles with a chance to score.

Counter Attack/Wave ShotEdit

Seychelles' counter attack is the Wave shot. Once he counters the opponent's shot, he shouts "WAVE!" and a big wave washes the opponent away for 3 seconds. Seychelles now has an open net for 3 seconds. 

Unlock Requirements Edit

To Unlock Seychelles you must win the Minor League with 50 counter attacks or pay 3,500,000 points.


Seychelles' coustume is shaped like a water gun. It shoots out 3 little water pistols, but has no effect on the opponent. It is an S rank Costume and costs 350,000 points

Speed +4

Kick +1

Dash +2

Jump +2

Power +4


-Seychelles is an island nation in the Indian ocean, so that why all of his powers have water.

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