Flag of Sierra Leone.svg

The flag of Sierra Leone.


He has black skin, olive-green eyes, dark black hair, big ears, medium sized eyes, a medium sized nose and a relaxed face expression. When his power bar is charged, you will hear a lion roar in the background and he will create two towers of lasers between him (one is green and one is blue, they disappear after 4 seconds), his irises will go red and his face expression will go serious.The laser towers can hurt the opponent strongly if he touches them.Then, Sierra Leone will be able to summon a small spiky mountain every 8 seconds under the opponent.It always warns the opponent by breaking ground (like France) under him. The mountain can give the opponent Nigeria's Power Shot effect for about 4 or 5 seconds if he touches it.

Power ShotsEdit

Speedboat shot (Air shot) Edit

He will yell: "SPEEDBOAT SHOT!", he will disappear and a big wave will come from his side, he will jump in a speedboat and ride into the opponent's goal.If the opponent touches the speedboat he will explode and disappear for 5 seconds giving Sierra Leone a chance to score (the ball won't bounce around, it will just stand still on the spot where the opponent was before he exploded).Not very easy to counter because the wave can strongly push the opponent into his own goal (if the opponent touches the wave, he will get Hong Kong's nunchuck's effect for 2 seconds).

The lion mountain shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will yell:"LION MOUNTAIN SHOT!!!",and a big mountain will appear in the middle of the field (the mountain can push the opponent into his goal like Hong Kong with his nunchucks).There is a lion on the top of it.The lion will then roar and jump into the opponent's goal (similar to Chile).The lion will eat the opponent if he touches it, and the lion can also hurt the opponent with his paws.If the lion eats the opponent, the opponent will turn him into a skeleton (like Hong Kong's costume) for 3 seconds.A little bit easier to counter, but still hard because of the lion's paws.

Hippo shot (Counterattack) Edit

He will yell:"Hippo shot!".Then a big hippo will start running into the opponent's goal.If the opponent touches the hippo he will get pushed into his own goal (he will get pushed as the hippo is running).

Unlock requirementsEdit

Win the first place in the amateur league by winning every second match by more than 10 goals.


It's a vacuum cleaner costume.It will suck in the ball every 7 seconds and then quickly throw it out after 4 seconds.

Kick +3

Speed +3

Jump +2

Power +3

Dash +4


Sierra Leone means lion mountain. That's why it's in the ground Power Shot. Also, Sierra Leone has the biggest harbor in the world so that's why it's in the air Power Shot. The hippos live in Sierra Leone too so that's why it is in the Counter Attack.

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