Skeleton's Flag

Skeleton looks like a Skeleton. His whole body are bones. He has red eyes and small ears. He doesn't has hair. 

If you click on the Power Button, Skeleton loses one leg. Skeleton picks it up and has the ability to throw the leg to the opponent.

Power ShotsEdit

Skeleton has 2 Power Shot and 1 Counter Attack.

Bones Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Skeleton will pick up a bomb and throw it in himself. If the opponent stands to the skeleton, the opponent will be explode and is gone for 5 seconds. After the explode of the bomb, all the bones of the skeleton will flie to the opponent's goal. The head of the Skeleton contains the ball. The only way to stop this Power Shot is to Counter the Head of the skeleton. But this is nearly impossible, because you can't see the Head in the smoke of the explosion.

Skeletons Shot (Air Shot) Edit

The stadium will transform into a cemetery with ten graves. The Skeleton will pick up a horn and will blow on it. Afterwards all the ten skeletons will stand out their grave. 1 second later the Skeleton will throw all his heads to the opponent. The opponent must kick all the skeletons away. If the opponent touches more than 3 head, the opponent lies under the bones and the skeleton will also throw his head. The head contains the ball and will fly in the opponent's goal. The only way to stop it for the opponent is to counter head of the Skeleton.

Skeleton head Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The skeleton will throw four bones on the same time to the opponent. After that the Skeleton will throw his head which contains the ball. If the opponent touches one of the bones, he will be unconscious for 5 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Reach the 7th place in the Minor League 50 times. 


Skeleton wears the All Costumes in one Costume. The effect of the Costume is: It wil get all the effect of all the Costumes. This Costume is very Powerful. It has Good Stats bonuses. It is a SSS Rank Costume and you can buy it for 4,000,000,000 (my own idea for better Costumes).

Stats BonusEdit

  • Speed: +9
  • Kick: +8
  • Jump: +10
  • Dash: +7
  • Power: +10