This is my sixth character idea, spooky.... his flag is green with a black ghost


Spooky has white skin, pure white colour, long black hair and sad mouth. He also has small nose. His eyes are covered with his hair. When the Power Bar is full, he will transform into a little flying ghost. He will have two white hands covered with white clothes. He will not fly into air (on the ground) and he will laugh with scary expression and he will have a big evil smile. The stadium will also transform into a haunted house with red light.

Power ShotsEdit

Spooky has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Flying Ghost Shot (Air Shot) Edit

If the ball touches Spooky in the air, a thick fog will cover Spooky and after that, the fog will disappear and you will see 4 flying ghosts. 1 ghost without ball will fly into the opponent and harm the opponent and the other 3 ghosts with the balls inside will make a goal by flying to the opponent's goal. If the opponent touches the ball, a grave will hit the opponent from the sky and the opponent can't move for 4 seconds.

The Scary Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

If the ball touch Spooky on the ground, he will scream "hiihihii" and the other ghost comes from the opponent's goal to attack the opponent and bring the opponent upward for 1 second and Spooky will shoot himself to the opponent's goal.

The Transparent Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

When Spooky will counter the opponent's shot, the fog covers the stadium and spooky will shoot the transparent ball. If the opponent touches the ball, the opponent will transform into a ghost.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win against Devil in Head Cup or unlock with 8,900,000 points.


Spooky will wear a juke box hat. Its Effect: A joker ( a bomb, a fire, a cloud , or any character to harm the opponent) will be shot randomly every 7 seconds.


Jump +2

Kick +5

Power +5

Dash +5

Speed +3.

It is a SS rank Costume.

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