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He has normal skin with blond hair, big brown eyes and a big mouth. His ears are big and round. His mouth is small

If you click on the Power Button, Sri Lanka transforms into Shiva, and he has a stick where he hits his opponent every 4 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Firing Elephant Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Sri Lanka's Air Shot is called Firing Elephant shot. An elephant appears on the side of Sri Lanka. The elephant opens his mouth and fires three balls to the opponent. The third ball is where the real one sits. If the opponent touch the last ball, Shiva becomes very angry and throws his opponent in a ton for 4 seconds.

Shiva Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Sri Lanka's Ground Shot is called Shiva Shot. Shiva becomes very angry and destroys the stadium and the opponent disappears for 4 seconds. The opponent can't counter this Power Shot.

Elephant Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Sri Lanka's Counter Attack is called Elephant shot. Another elephant appears and pitch on the ground. The ball is in the ground and goes to the opponent. If the opponent doesn't counter the ball, Shiva becomes very angry and a thunderstorm appears. A lightning bolt hits the opponent and turns him into ash for 3 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Minor League without scoring more than 20 goals.


Sri Lanka wears a tea hat. This is a SS rank and it fires every 4 seconds tea on the ground. If the opponent walks at the tea he is unconscious for 3,5 seconds.


  • Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia. It is an island and has no borders connected with any countries. India rests above the island.
  • Shiva is the king of Hinduism. This religion is the greatest faith in Sri Lanka, which is the reason of the Ground Shot.
  • Sri Lanka is home to many elephants. That's the reason of the Counter Attack and Air Power Shot.
  • Sri Lanka is the 17th Asian country.
  • Sri Lanka is the 7th character with blond hair.