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flag of St.Vincent&Granadines

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Hungaryfootball's idea Edit

He looks handsome. It has black hair and blue eyes (It looks like Valentine. It is a joker when the power bar is charged.) It has small nose and ears.

Power ShotsEdit

When he activates his Power Button, stadium changes into casino.(card shot).

Αir Shot (Card Shot) Edit

He jumps to top of the stadium and shoot lots of cards (similar to India).

Ground Shot (Joker Shot) Edit

Lots of cards comes from his mouth and only joker card(there is three)is the ball.

Counter Attack Edit

(similar with Croatia) he throws big joker card and if opponent blocks, lots of cards will come at the sky and attack opponent and opponent will be paralyzed.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Multiplayer mode 3 times without using jump & kick.


Card shooter: it shoots card 3 seconds at once. If it hits opponent, opponent's costume gets off and opponent will get pushed to its goal.

Speed: +5

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