Flag of Sudan

The flag of Sudan

It's a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland. He has brown skin with black hair. His eyes are big and green. His mouth and ears are small.

If you touch the Power Shot Button, Sudan transforms into a mummy with a detachable piece of bandage. At the 4 seconds Sudan hits his opponent with the bandage. And the stadium transforms into a desert.

Power ShotsEdit

Sudan has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Pyramid Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Sudan's Air Shot is called The Pyramid Shot. A huge pyramid appears on the side of Sudan. Then there comes a sandstorm. The sandstorm push the opponent in his own goal. Then from the hidden door of the pyramid comes a ball to the opponent.

Sphinx Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Sudan's Ground Shot is called The Sphinx Shot. A huge sphinx appears on the side of Sudan. The mouth of the Sphinx opens and a laser appears. 2 seconds later the ball comes with the laser out the mouth. If you touch the laser you become ash for 4 seconds.

Scarab Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Sudan's Counter Attack is The Scarab Shot. Many Scarab's appears and walks to the opponent. One scarab is gold, and he has the ball. The scarabs push the opponent back. If the opponent touches the gold scarab he is eaten by the scarab's and is dead for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Minor League without Dash and Jump.


Sudan wears a Pharaoh Costume. It fires at the 4 seconds a scarab to the opponent. If the opponent touches it, he is eaten and a skeleton for 3 seconds.


  • Sudan is a big country in East Africa. It has borders with South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Libya and Chad.
  • It is after Algeria and Democratic Republic of Congo the biggest African country what not is playable in Head Soccer.
  • There are many Pyramids in Sudan. Not only in Egypt. That's the reason of the Power Shot.

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