He looks similar to Cyborg,only bigger,red metal,an angry face expression,one mehanical eye is broken (like Cyborg's when damaged) and a white number 800 instead of 8.When his powerbar is charged,his eyes will glow completly red for a seconds and,he will create 3 explosions on the field (on his side,on the middle and on the opponent's side).Each one can give the opponent Nigeria's powershot effect for 5-6 seconds.Then,Super-Cyborg 5000 will be able,to send out homing rockets at the opponent every 6-7 seconds.They can be dodged if the opponent jumps over it.The rockets can give the opponent Nigeria's powershot effect for 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Blastic Rocket Swarm shot (Air shot) Edit

A sound of a machinery will be played in the background.Then,a big red robot will appear and shoot out a whole bunch of rockets  at the opponent from it's arms (there are about 10-20 rockets).One of the rockets has the ball,and if the opponent touches it,a huge explosion will happen and he will disappear for 6-7 seconds.

Robotic Machineguner Shot (Ground shot) Edit

The huge robot will appear again,and this time he will shoot out a lot of bullets at the opponent (like Ecuador's).If the robot shoots him enough times,the opponent will melt (like Uruguay's ground shot effect) for 6-7 seconds.

Robotic Crashdown shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The robot will appear again,and this time,he will crush his foot down on the ground and a whole lot of rocks will be shooted at the opponent's goal in various positions.Then,a big rock will come and if the opponent touches it,he will explode and disappear for 6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

In Tournament mode,Win against Super-Cyborg 5000 at least a 40 times without dash,kick,jump or powershot (he breaks in randomly in the Tournament).


He wears a bazooka costume.Every 7.8 seconds,it shoots out a rocket at the opponent,wich will make him explode and disappear for 3.5 seconds.

  • Speed: +4
  • Kick: +3
  • Jump: +4
  • Dash: +3
  • Power: +3

Trivia Edit

This is a non-country character.

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