Tajikistan is 94th Character and is added in the 4.7 update.

Flag of Tajikistan.svg

Tajikstan's Flag

Appearance Edit

Brown hair, white skin, med ears, small eyes, small mouth.

Power Shots Edit

Tajikistan has 2 Power Shots and one Counter Attack.

Shrink Rifle Shot (Air Shot) Edit

when activated Tajikistan will turn into Ant-Man = Ant-Man will turn giant and then he is gonna pull out a gigantic high-tech rifle 1 second later he will shot a super gigantic destructive beam out of his rifle and then the opponent will turn small and disappear for 11 seconds and (movie) ant-man will make a goal and that is his air shot.

Ant Shot (movie) (Ground Shot) Edit

Ant-Man will turn small and then summon millions of ants and queen ant and then he will ride her and 1 second later he will charge to the opponent and then make the ants bite him and he will disappear for 10 seconds.

Shrink Pistol Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Ant-Man will turn small and he kicks and punches the opponent then turns big and shot opponent will a gigantic pistol.

Costume Edit

Ant-Man has an ant costume that shots out ants that bite opponent of his.

Unlock Requirements Edit

You have to defeat all characters that come in the update with him in the tournament but they spawn very easily when the update begins.

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