Character Idea/Tasmania
General informations
Name Tasmania
Stars 5
Power Shots Devil's Shot, Tiger Snakes Shot
2000px-Flag of Tasmania.svg

Flag of tasmania

Unlock Requirements Upgrade all on maximum
Costume Chainsaw
Creator Fire mummy
Tasmania is character idea by Fire mummy. He is 5 stars opponent in Arcade.


Tasmania has medium dark skin, black hair, normal nose, big eyes and small ears. When you click Power button he transforms into Devil and have dung fork. He throws thunders from dung fork. 

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 Power shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Devil's shot (Air shot) Edit

Giant Devil appears on Tasmania's side. He has giant dung fork. Then he throws a lot of thunders and smokes on the opponent. Thunders will kill you and smokes will bother. Then Devil throws dung fork into goal. If you block it you will get same effect like Czech's thunder for 5 seconds.

Tiger snakes shot (Ground shot) Edit

First 3 snakes will try to catch you. If it caught you, you will get Chile's effect. Then 4th snake goes horizontaly and very high into your goal. To block it you must avoid first 3 snakes and if you block it, it will bite you and you are dead for 6 seconds.

Tasmanian Devil shot (Counter attack) Edit

Tasmanian devil appears and run into your goal with ball in his mouth. Ball is very high. If you block it, it will pull apart you.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Upgrade all on maximum or pay 6 400 000 points..


Tasmania wears Costume Idea/Chainsaw


  • Tasmania is known by tasmanian devil and tiger snake.
  • Tasmanian devil is very agressive animal. Cause of it his name is devil.
  • Also in Tasmania lives tiger snakes. They are very dangerous. You must avoid it.

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