He has a tan skin, half-closed eyes and has crazy all over the place hair. When he turns on powershot he will swish his hair left and right which makes opponents get strangled.

Power ShotsEdit

Basque country has two Power Shots and one Counter Atttack.

Basque Shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will pull out a st. george cross and strikes it him while he has his hair over the opponent which makes him hot and melt. this will make the basque country a goal.

Hair tornado Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

His hair turns into a tornado with the ball in it. the opponent will drift away. then the tornado will tip over and shoot the ball into the goal.

Hurting hair (Counter Attack) Edit

He grabs the opponent with his hair and then he will grab the ball and swing it into the goal. (dosen't always work!)

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup with 11 Characters 24 times.

Tornado hat costumeEdit

This tornado hat will struck lighting every 4 second.It will give the opponent New Zealand's effect for 1.5 seconds.

Kick +5

Speed +4

Jump +2

Power +3

Dash +4


  • Most boys in te basque country have long hair (Ground Shot Reason)
  • The basque country prays to the george cross (Air Shot Reason)
  • Has a lot of tornados (Costume reason)
    2000px-Flag of the Basque Country.svg

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