He will have a black hat, black sunglasses and under the hat, if it falls off, he will have a well-groomed brown hair. When he uses power one, he will change appearance into a gray alien like thing. More about that below.


Power oneEdit

If he catches the ball when he is standing on the ground, a UFO will land and he will jump in in it. When the UFO lands the screen will be white for a second. After the white screen thing, he will now be a gray alien. The UFO will drive around and try to catch the player with a blue laser beam. If the UFO catches the player it will drive away, giving the Illuminati 4 seconds to make a goal. If the UFO does not catch the player under its five-second life, it will crash and the power attack will be totally failed. During the attack, the Illuminati alien will have the ball.

Power twoEdit

The ball will become a small copy of the earth, which he will be able to control with his finger for three seconds. He must be in the air to make this happen.

Power threeEdit

This attack is extremely rare and there's like one on hundred that this will happen. However, a giant pyramid with an eye on the top will suddenly appear on the screen in the middle of the football field. The eye will look on both players for some seconds, then the eye will fire the ball on ONE of the players. If the ball misses the goal the pyramid will explode, but if it hits the goal the game will crash.

Counter AttackEdit

The default, but you can hear an evil laugh during the Counter Attack.


A gray pyramid with an eye on the top.

Unlock RequirementEdit

Own all non-countries and win over him 50 times in arcade or pay 5 million points.

Sorry for bad English, I'm from Scandinavia.

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