The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is a province in Eurasia. It has a cool name and flag.



He has curly, long auburn hair and a clean shaved face. He has green eyes and a medium nose. He lookes shocked. But when he activates his powershot, he tranforms into a werewolf. The werewolf has hair all over and has black, bloodhot eyes with a mouth grinning with sharp teeth. The stadium is dark, like it is in the night

Power shotsEdit

Nagorno-Karabakh has 3 power shots:

Howl Shot (Air shot) Edit

A cliff appears on his side and he starts howling. After this he will jump off the cliff and come to attempt to score, if not, he will hit you and knock you out for 5 seconds

Gang Shot (Ground shot) Edit

He howls and what happens is that 5 wolves come and go for the goal. Οnly 3 contain the ball and they are blue.

Bite shot (Counter attack) Edit

When he counters, he flings himself to the goal, biting you. If you get bitten, you become a wolf and cant do your power shot (like australia).

Unlock requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup without jump, kick, dash and Counter Attack or pay 6,000,000 points


Driller hat. An S rank costume that drills the opponent away.

+4 speed

+3 power

+1 jump

+2 kick

Trivia Edit

I would make his Power Shot related to him, but head soccer dont do power shots related to the country. Like what does Czech Republic have to do with white king electricty? What does singapore relate to with people transforming into energy? See? D&D Dream van relate.

This was made by Leicstahood.

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