Timor Leste's Flag

Timor Leste's Flag

Timor Leste was created by Awy99


Timor Leste has a white baby face. He has light skin, big brown eyes, small nose, medium ears, small mouth, yellow baby style hair, and he hold a baby pacifier in his mouth. he has big cheeks. When the power bar is full the baby will take off his pacifier and he will has big angry mouth with many sharp teeth.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 power shots and 1 counter attack.

Amazing Dream Shot ( Air Shot ) Edit

When the ball touch Timor Leste on the air he will go to sleep and dreamimg. From his dream cloud, a big baby will come out and the giant baby will has a big muscle and he take a big truck with ball inside from the dream cloud, he will throw the truck to the opponent's goal. After that he will take a big ship with ball inside and do the same thing. finally he will take a giant plane with ball inside and do the same thing. if the ball touch the opponent, the opponent will disapear for 7 seconds.

Mad Mom Shot ( Ground Shot ) Edit

When the ball touch Timor Leste on the ground he will cry and his mom will apear. She will got mad and take Timor Leste to the baby carriage. After 3,4 seconds she will push the carriage to the opponent's goal very fast. The ball is in mother's hand. If the opponent touch the ball the opponent will disappear for 8 seconds.

Daddy Shot ( Counter Attack ) Edit

He will call his father and the father will shot a pants to the opponent's goal. if the opponent touch the ball, the opponent will cry and can't move for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the headcup with at least 55 dashes in every match. or unlock for 12,700,900.


He wears a Ship Hat and its an A rank costume. can buy for 450,000 ( speed +3 jump +3 kick +3 dash +0 power +4

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