Transylvania would have pale skin, and long black hair hanging over half of the character's face. He would have pointed teeth like a vampire and red eyes. He would appear to wear a black-and-red collar as if he was wearing a black and red cape.

Power ShotEdit

Transylvania's Power Shot is called Bat Shot. Three bats would dive from high up on the screen towards the opponent's net. Behind each bat would be a ball that could potentially score a goal. The bats would harm the opponent and push them.

Counter AttackEdit

Transylvania's Counter Attack is called Vampire Shot. He would rush toward the opponent and suck out their blood, causing them to momentarily vanish. The ball would randomly be fired around the screen.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Score 15 goals in one game against 15 different characters in the Arcade.

Costume Edit

His costume is a tower on his head that shoots an arrow that pushes the opponent back every 3 seconds.
Transylvania Flag 83DD lg

The flag of Transylvania.

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