Pale withe skin,glowing green eyes,an ugly unkempt black hair with some over his second eye, and a serious face expression. When his powerbar is charged,the part of the field where he is will go on fire and his eyes will go glowing red.If the opponent touches it,he will have Brazil's powershot effect for 5 seconds.Transylvania will send 3 bats at the opponent every 6-7 seconds wich can make him dizzy for 5 seconds. 

Power ShotsEdit

Vampyric shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will teleport away,and then teleport back in a random spot.Then,6 bats will be flying above him and he will send them after the opponent. If the opponent, touches each of them, they will hold him and carry him in the air and hold him upside down for 6-7 seconds giving Transylvania a chance to score.Also,one of the bats will go away and give Transylvania the ball in front of him giving Transylvania a chance to score.

Giant bat shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Transylvania will turn into a giant bat and shoot out 5 black fireballs at the opponent.The fireballs can make the opponent dizzy for 2 seconds and the last one will make him explode for 5 seconds.

Blob shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will get on his side of the field and he will shoot out a black slow moving blob with some orange details (it moves about as slow as the Netherland's powershot).Then he will send up a a bat into the air,wich will throw the ball into the opponent's goal.The blob is ment to distract the opponent while the bat is carrying the ball.The blob hurts the opponent as he touches it so the opponent can kick the blob (it will move for an inch if it is kicked).The blob won't disappear until someone scores a goal.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 80 Head Cups.


  • Transylvania is one of the last characters in the game, because he isn't a country but Transylvania does exist in real life.
  • Pepole believe that the vampire dracula ruled Transylvania so that's why there are a lot of vampire referenced things are in the Power Shots.
    Transylvania Flag 3d light

    The flag of Transylvania.

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