Αρχείο λήψης-1440264033

This is idea is made by Hungaryfootball.


His hair is crimson. He wears a polar bear hat. He has a tanned face, and his eyes are green.

Power ShotsEdit

When his power bar charged, the snow comes to the field.

Ground shot Edit

5 penguins come and attack opponent with their beak and the opponent gets paralysis.

Air shot Edit

The polar bear appears on his hat, and he launches snow from the mouth. At this time, the opponent was buried in the snow waves rush towards the opponent, and then put the polar bear bone.

Counter Attack Edit

Similar to Austria. Catapult has a snowball sticks protruding from the back towards the opponents goal.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Head Cup 150 times or pay 500 000 000 points.


The bear hat (cannot take it off).

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