Appearance   Edit

Turkministan has white hair with an army outfit, black eyes, smart looking ears, and a grinning mouth.


Power ShotsEdit

Desert Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Turkmenistan's Ground Shot is Desert Shot, where a cactus appears and hits the opponent in his face.

Dancer Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Turkministan's Air Shot is Dancer Shot where the ball hits the opponent the opponent turns into a Turkministanian dancer. The Counter Attack happens when Turkmenistan grabs the ball out of the sky and puts it into a bazooka and shoots it into the goal.

Bazooka Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Turkmenistan's Counter Attack will be when the character will grab the ball and put it into a bazooka shooting it into the goal.

Unlock Requirements

You must unlock 18 costumes over all and beat Czech Republic and Ecuador or pay ???? points.


Turkmenistan wears the army helmet. It looks like a brown berette.

Kick: +2

Speed: +4

Jump: +3

Power: +4

Dash: +4


Turkmenistan's pain sound is "Humpf!"

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