Uchiha looks like adult sasuke in naruto's character. he has light skin, medium black eye, long black hair, cool ekspresion, small nose, and he only show one eye, the other eye covered by his hair. When the power activated, the dark aura will covered uchiha and uchiha will have red eye and he will show the other eye. the other eye is rinnegan( eye that have many circle inside and have purple colour.

Power ShotsEdit

Uchiha has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Chidori Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

If the ball touch uchiha on the ground, he will covered by lighning and he focus the lightning into his hand and he will jump, after 0.65 second he will go into the opponent goal very very fast. If the opponent touches the ball he will a dust (like Czech Republic's Power Shot).

Susanoo Shot (Air Shot) Edit

If the ball touch uchiha on the air, he will bring out his susanoo ( a giant monster that have dark purple colour and flying wear samurai clothes ). the susanoo will use his sword and she will covered the sword by lightning after that he will attack the opponent goal with his sword many times. Unhiha has 3 balls. The player will sliced become many parts and cant move for 6 seconds.

Amaterasu Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

if uchiha use his counter attack he will shot a ball that covered by black fire ultra very fast and the opponent will be burned.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

win against all character in arcade with exactly 5 goals, scored 15 goals against italy in arcade with india and pluto, and win 5 times head cup with thailand or you must buy it for $25


Uchiha has weather machine mask, he wearing black angry scary mask and on his head there are weather machines. the machines fire lasser to the air every 10 second and after he fire there will come a meteor, a huricane, a tornado, a lightning ( randomly) ( all + 5). its ss rank and you can buy for 6000,000


Uchiha is the one clan in naruto anime

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