Rebel Shot 1

Rebel Shot 1

Rebel Shot 2

Rebel Shot 2


Uganda. It was created by Akeemhern, a wikia contributor wants it in the next update with Honduras and Croatia.

Appearance Edit

Dark skin and black hair. He's basically Joseph Kony.

Power ShotEdit

Animal Power Moves Swooping Birds (Jump power shot): A flock of birds come in and they all fly into the ground to the person at a rapid speed. If the player blocks them all, the last bird will take him up into the sky and he will not come back into the game for around 3-5 seconds.

Gorilla Slam (ground power shot): A gorilla comes in the game and jumps around, if it hits you, you will fly out of the game and come back in around 5 seconds. 2nd idea: Same thin kinda, gorilla comes in but it picks you up and thinks you're a banana and eats you, then spits you out of the game, same time delay maybe.

Intermission power move: he shoots a missile with a bird in it and it pushes you back a tiny bit.

Hope you like my idea :D

Counter AttackEdit

The counter Attack is that a tank appears and fires a big bullet, if the opponent touches it, the bullet will explode and it will disappear.

Costume Edit


Unlock Requirements Edit

Beat World Tour in Easy difficulty with 3 characters or pay for 4,500,000 points.