Under World is Awy99's fourth character


Underworld has grey skeleton head with big glowing green eyes and big mouth full of sharp tooth. he has scary and glowing green face. When the Power Button is activated, the stadium transform into grave yard.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 Power Shot and 1 Counter Attack.

Soul Shot (Air Shot) Edit

If the ball touches Under World on the air, he will open the mouth and the 5 souls get out from his mouth. the souls will flying on the screen and after 4,5 second the souls will fly into the opponent's goal very fast. He has 3 balls. If the opponent touches the balls the opponent will die for 3 seconds.

Skeleton Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

If the ball touches Under World on the ground, he will transform into big skeleton with hand and foot ( perfect skeleton body ) and he will take his left foot and throw into the opponent goal hardly.

Spining Bone Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

If Under World blocks the opponent shot, he will throw spining bone to the opponent goal. There are 3 spinning bone and the ball is between the second and the last bone.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup with Z 10 times


He wears a sunflower costume


Under World is not real country

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