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Uni Europa's Flag

Uni Europa's Flag


Uni Europa has golden hair, white skin, thin golden eyebrows, a medium sized nose, big blue eyes, a big smiled mouth with shining teeth, and medium sized ears with piercings. When the Power Button is activated, he will hold a big fan which will blow the opponent every 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Summer Holiday Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will drive a caravan and stop it on the left side, he will roll a mat on the ground. He will wear sun glasses and sit on the mat and pick up an umbrella. After that he will spin the umbrella, and shoot it direct to the opponent's goal. He also will shoot 3 balls covered by wind. If the opponent touches the balls, he will get blown out of the stadium for 7 seconds.

Autumn Fall Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Many tall trees with dry leaves will appear in the stadium. Uni Europa will hold a big fan and blow the trees. He makes a big wind and the leaves will fall and to the opponent's goal. There are 3 reddish brown leaves with balls inside. If the opponent touches the balls, a tree near the opponent will hit him and push him down, so the opponent can't move for 6 seconds.

Winter Holiday Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will hold a big fan and he will make big icy wind, there will be a medium sharp ice which comes to the opponent's goal. It has a ball. If the opponent touches the ball, snow will cover the opponent for 6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup using any European Country, 20 times for each country without Power Shot and kick or unlock for 13,400,500 points.


He wears water hose cap. The cap will shoot water and push down the opponent to the goal every 7 seconds. It's SS rank for 9,000,000 points ( all +5 ).

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