Created by Awy99

United Nations's Shot

United Nations's Flag


United Nations has dark skin, very short black hair, medium bright brown eyes, big angry mouth, medium nose, and big ears. When his Power Button is activated, he will wear a black hat and black glasses. He will hold a gun and shot the opponent every 6 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

World Soldiers Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Many soldiers in the world will apear and hold a gun after that they will fire the opponent's goal. he has 3 balls. If the opponent touch the balls the opponent will under arrest for 6 seconds.

IAEA Shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will jump and a helicopter will apear to load him and the helicopter will fly to the sky and disapear. After 3 seconds 3 helicopters will apear and shot many corrosive atoms. Every helicopters has 1 corrosive atom. If the opponent touches the balls the opponent will melting for 5 seconds.

ILO Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Many labor will run to the opponent's goal. one of them hold an ILO flag and the ball is inside the flag. If the opponent touches the ball, labors will knock out the opponent for 4 seconds

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Scored total 5000.000 using South Korea or unlock for 12,000,000 points.


He wear random costumes.

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