Uzbekistan is a character idea created by Tősér Trisztán.


He has blondly, brown hair, white skin, small, brown eyes, smiling face, big nose and small ears with a brown circular beard(Like as Ruslan Chagayev)

Power ShotsEdit

Uzbekistan's has 2 power shots and 1 counter shot.

Air shot :Railway Shot Edit

When he activates this shot, the ground transforms into a railway station and 5 train cars come from the air.(with a 3-second difference and each one has a ball).When you touch the train, the train runs over you, and you become a skeleton for 5 seconds

Ground Shot:Silk Road Edit

When he activates this shot, the ground transforms into a desert and 3 horse riders run towards you.(the central one has the ball)The riders steal your water drying you out and change you into a skeleton.

Counter Attack:Nomad Shot Edit

He transforms into a nomadic warrior and shoots a poisoned arrow towards you. If you get hit the poison begins, and you become immobile for 5 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

beat all characters in arcade mode with 15 different characters


does not wear a costume.


  • Uzbekistan has a lot of railways and the central stage in the Silk Road.
1280px-Flag of Uzbekistan.svg

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