Flag of the Vatican City.svg

The Flag of Vatican City


Vatican looks like celestial warrior. He wears a white coat or robe with a black outline. His face is covered by his coat shadow or just black from his small nose untill his coat and under his nose he has light light brown skin. He has serious small mouth. When the powerbar is full he will transform into celestial warrior with wings. Heavy wind will blow when he transformed.

Power ShotsEdit

Vatican has 2 Power Shot and 1 counter attack.

Pure Ligh Shot (Air Shot)Edit

If the ball touch Vatican on the air. he will fly and the screen become bright ( all white ) and vatican shot the first ball and and the screen become normal and vatican shot his second ball ( the timing is between the white screen and the normal screen, after the screen normal he shot his last shot. every he shot a ball there comes a light strip to the opponent goal and the balls are inside the fast light strip. if the opponent touch the ball the opponent will disapear for 4 secs

Fall Feather Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

If the ball touch Vatican on the ground, he will throw a feather to the sky and the feather fall slowly ( slow motion ) and after the feather near the ground ( only 0.005 cm from the ground vatican will shot a light strip and the ball is inside it.

Celestial Sword Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The sword will apear and the sword will become longer to the opponent goal very fast and normal again and disapear.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup on the second place using Devil without power shot and jump or unlock for 10.000.000 points.


He wears a random SS costume.


  • Vatican City is the smallest country in the world.
  • Vatican City is the only one country inside the city.

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