Appearance Edit

Flag of Venezuela.svg

Venezuela's Flag

This is an Character Idea by FranceSwitzerland. He has a brown skin with brown hair. His eyes are blue and small. His mouth and ears are big.

If you click on the Power Button Venezuela transforms into a bird seller. The stadium transforms into a Venezuelan shop with tons of cages with Venezuelan troupials. One cage open at the 3 seconds and a Venezuelan troupial flies to the opponent. If the opponent touches it, he will disappear.

Power Shots Edit

Venezuela has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Venezuelan Troupial fly Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Venezuela's Air Shot is called Venezuelan Troupial Shot. The stadium transforms into a Bird sell at a river. Three Venezuelan troupials fly out the cages. The Venezuelan troupials fly diagonally to Venezuela's opponent. The last Venezuelan troupial has the ball. If Venezuela's opponent touches a Venezuelan troupial, the Venezuelan troupial flies to his nest and feed him to his babies. You are then in the nest for 4 seconds

Venezuelan Troupial sing shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Venezuela's Ground Shot is called Venezuelan troupial. The stadium transforms into a Bird sell at a river. One cage opens and a Venezuelan troupial flies at a cage and begins to sing. There comes five notes and the notes fly to the opponent. The notes fly at the 1 second to the opponent. If the opponent touches a note he transforms into a Venezuelan troupial and flies away and is back in 4 seconds.

Cage Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Venezuela's Counter Attack is called Cage Shot. Venezuela opens all the cages and all the Venezuelan troupials fly to the opponent. Through the birds, the opponent is pushed to his goal. 1 second later Venezuela throws a cage to the opponent. If the opponent touches the cage, he is inside the cage for 4 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Minor League without Dash and Kick.

Costume Edit

Venezuela wears a mountain hat. This is an SS rank Costume and at 4 seconds there comes in front of Venezuela a small mountain. If the opponent is standing on the mountain he flies in the air is gone for 4 seconds.

Trivia Edit

The national bird of Venezuela is the Venezuelan Troupial. That's the reason of the Power Shots.

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