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Venezuela has a brown skin, a serious face and is almost bald with some hair. His hair colour will be brown.

Power ShotsEdit

Venezuela has two Power Shots.

Air Shot: Waterfall Shot Edit

A waterfall creates river tree piranhas ( all have the ball ) and they jump into the net. If opponent catches all the piranhas, a giant crocodile will eat the opponent for 4 seconds and then he will spit the opponent and he will be with stars over his head ( like when using Nigeria's Power Shot ) for 3 seconds.

Ground Shot: Parrot Shot Edit

Three parrots will appear and throw coconuts to the floor and then, a blue parrot from Venezuela's net goes to the opponent's net (the parrot has the ball ) if parrot crashes with opponent, he/she will disappear for 3 seconds and if he/she receives one cocunut, he/she will be with stars over his head 3 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup winning all the matches by at least 3 goals of difference .


His costume is an SS rank Costume with the following powers :

It looks like a fountain on your head, that once every 10 seconds makes a river under the opponent that will make him disappear for 2.5 seconds.The stats of this costume are : speed +3 , jump +4 , kick + 4, power +6   dash +1 . The price should be 2.500.000+ coins as it is a pretty good costume.

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