Flag of Vietnam


Vietnam look likes Itachi. He has white skin, black hair, black eyes,a small nose, medium ears, a big mouth, a serious expression and a black ninja headband with a black konoha leaf.When the power is charged he gets an akatsuki outfit and sharingan eyes.every 4 seconds he throws a kunai,when the kunai hits the player he is confused for 4 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Tsukuyomi shot(Air power) Edit

When Vietnam touchs the ball,5 crows will appear and shot very fast on the opponent.If the opponent gets hit with 2 crows,it transforms the stadium into a moon hell.Then he yells "tsukiyomi", a torture cross appear with you and then comes 3 itachi clones.The 4 itachis have a sword and sting you. every itachi sting 2 times the player on the torture cross,you can"t move for 5 seconds.

Amaterasu shot(Ground power) Edit

When Vietnam touch the ball,he yells"amaterasu".Black flames appear in the stadium.The amaterasu comes and if you get hit,you turn into ashes for 4 seconds.The black flames will burn you.And than Vietnam can make a goal.

Phoenix Fire (Counter Attack) Edit

The counter attack is called:Phoenix flower.Vietnam makes a giant phoenix fire ball and fires it at the opponent.If the opponent touches the giant ball,he will be burn into ashes for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head cup without injury,kick and powershot, or pay 9,700,000 points.


He has a Fire hat.the fire hat shot every 4 seconds a fire ball and if you get hit,you will burn into ashes for 4 seconds.

  • Power:+7
  • Dash:+6
  • Kick:+6
  • Jump:+7
  • Speed:+6