The flag of Wales.


White skin, gray hair (like Pluto's only a bit longer and curly,) black eyes, big nose and a serious face expression.He has an older appearance. When his Power Button is activated, he will have a serious smile, he will get dressed into a cattleman, and the background will turn into a big grassy hill with a small wooden house on the to, and he will have a shepherd crook.Then he will point at the opponent with his shepherd crook and he will yell:"GET HIM!". Then, a lot of animals like horses, cows, into rams and chickens will run into the opponent.If the opponent touches the animals, he will have Nigeria's Power Shot effect for 5 seconds (but he won't get thrown into the air).Then, Wales will be able to point at the opponent with his shepherd crook again, this time, a ram will fastly run into the opponent.If the opponent touches the ram, he will get pushed back into his own goal (like South Korea's Power Shot).Wales will be able to do this every 7 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Magic Spheres Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Wales will yell:"MAGIC SPHERES SHOT!". Then he will raise up his shepherd crook, and a big light green sphere surrounded by colorful dust will appear. Then it will shrink, and two more spheres will appear. Then, Wales will shoot those spheres in the Super Saiyan direction. First two shepherds can make the opponent dizzy, and the last one will carry him away in the air out of the soccer field. Then the opponent will drop trough the roof of the house in the background, and he will be gone for 5-6 seconds giving Wales a chance to score. When the opponent reappears, the background will go normal again.

Ram Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will yell:"RAAAM SHOT!!!". Then, a big ram will run at the opponent from Wales' side of the field.If he touches the opponent, he will punch the opponent into his own goal with his horn, and if the opponent gets into his own net, he will explode, and Wales will score a goal, so the only way to block this is to counter it.

Cannon Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will yell:"CANNON SHOT!". Then a big golden cannon will appear in front of him. Then he will put the cannon's wick on fire and after 3 seconds the cannon will shoot out a big cannonball wich can make the opponent explode and disappear for 5-6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Amateur League by winning every match (except the last one) with more than 10 goals and the last one in a Sudden Death.


It's a cowboy costume with a musket on the top.It shoots lasers (similar to Spain's only purple) every 5 seconds.They can make the opponent dizzy for 3 seconds.

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