900px-Flag of Wallis and Futuna.svg

Wallis et Futuna's Flag

Its a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland. He has a white skin with small ears, big eyes, big mouth and long brown hair. 

If you click on the Power Button, Wallis et Futuna transforms into a Crab and Lobster nurse. One crab appeared in the stadium and can jump to the opponent and if he touch the opponent, the opponent is unconscious for 2 seconds. 

The stadium transforms into a beach.

Power ShotsEdit

Wallis et futuna has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Lobsters Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Wallis et Futuna throws ten Lobsters. 9 blue and 1 red. The red lobster contains the ball. The lobsters go horizontally to the opponent. If the opponent touch one lobster, the opponent is disappeared for 5 seconds, and is a 100% goal. The only way to stop this Power Shot is to kick the gold lobster, but this nearly impossible. because the lobster flies 1 meter across each other.  

Big Crab Shot (Air Shot) Edit

On the beach appears a very big crab. The big crab throws 3 coconuts to the opponent. If the opponent touch the last coconut he is disappeared for 4 seconds and it's a 100% goal. After the three coconuts the big crab throws the whole coconut tree to the opponent.  If the opponnent touch the coconut tree it's a 100% goal, because after the coconut tree the Big crab contains the ball and walk into the opponent's goal.

Crab with Waves Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

There comes three high waves to the opponent. The opponent must kick all the waves back. After the three waves there comes a crab with the ball and flies to the opponent's goal. If the opponent touch the crab he is disappeared for 5 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win all matches in the Amateur league with a goal difference of 10 goals.


Costume 059

Wallis et Futuna's Costume

Walllis et Futuna wears the Tiki Helmet.


  • Wallis et Futuna are an islands group in Oceania. Around it lies: Tuvalu, Tokelau, Samoa, American Samoa, Niue, Tonga and Fiji.
  • Wallis et Futuna are three islands (Wallis, Futuna and Alofi), which are ruled by France.
  • At the island Futuna lives a lot of Crabs and Lobsters, that's the reason of Power Shots and Counter Attack.

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