Yemen has a rusty look, dark skin, but not that dark, ripped pants and shirt showing skin and has a tan hat, not cap-like. Has short hair, close to none and has spots on head (small) that show skin and hat does no extra things like costumes but does have costume.

Power Shots Edit

Mountain-view Shot (Air shot) Edit

Mainly used on his side of field, a mountain pops up out of the ground while yemen is still on the tip of it and he drills it down with a drill and drills down four pieces which the ball is randomized in each piece and goes toward the opponents goal which each piece goes slightly upward (after drilled the pieces go firing to opponent) if blocked, they are knocked in ground (like mon k but not powerup) for 4 seconds

Raid Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A car comes from own goal with a bunch of soldiers and yemen jumps on the front hood and on the back there is a turret like the costume that shoots rapidly and the turret fires at opponent for 5 seconds then speeds into goal with yemen having the ball by his feet. If blocked, controls switched for 5 seconds and if countered, it would not used the shot they used, they would use the Mountainview Shot like Israel.

Counter Attack Edit

After countering any power, yemen fires a gun for knock back then kicks ball in goal

While inactive but power is activated, every 4 seconds yemen fires an AK-47 at the opponent for 2 seconds at a time.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win 3 tournaments in a row without using Dash, Powerup


Costume is a scarf around the neck which gives +4 to all attributes (SS Rank) Fairly rare to encounter                                

Trivia Edit

Yemen has many soldiers for raid shot as well as mountains

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