Yoshi is character idea by Fire mummy. He is five star opponent in Arcade.


He looks like first Yoshi (green). He is second animal like character. First is China. Yoshi is dinosaur. He has big nose, big eyes and big mouth. Baby Mario is sitting on his back. When you click Power button he will try to eat you with his tongue.

Power ShotsEdit

He has Air shot, Ground shot and Counter Attack.

Bullet Bill shot (Air shot) Edit

Baby Mario will scream on opponent like Mon-k's counter. Then cannon will appear close to Yoshi's goal and it will fire 3 bullets. Third bullet contains a ball. If you block first and second bullet you have effect like Ecuador's arrows. If you block third bullet you will disappear for 6 seconds.

Kamek's magic shot (Ground shot)

Kamek will appear in the air and she will throw magic on the opponet 3 times. If she hits you, you will transform into turtle. Then she will throw 4th magic with ball into goal.

Yoshi eater shot (Counter Attack) Edit

His Counter Attack is simply. Yoshi's tonuge will enter into goal with ball if it is not blocked. If you block it he will eat you. For block this shot you must have upgraded jump on half.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win 1st place in Major league with first 12 characters or pay 6 100 000 points.


Yoshi wears 4th B Rank costume.


Yoshi can eat enemies with his tonuge. That is the reason of Counter Attack.

Kamek is Yoshi's main enemy. That is the reason of Ground shot.

Bullet Bill is also very often Yoshi's enemy. That is the reason of Air shot.

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