Zaire's flag

Awy99's next character idea is Zaire.


Zaire has dark brown skin, white short hair combed upward, medium ears, medium closed eyes, small nose and flat mouth. he has X cut on his forehead. When the powerbar is full he will transform into "sword master" and hold a golden sword, he slice the stadium areas. he will slice the opponent every 6 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 power shot and 1 counter attack and he use sword to score a goal.

Golden Sword Shot ( Ground Shot ) Edit

He will throw the 5 swords to the opponent goal one by one and he only has 1 ball, the last sword has ball inside. if the opponent touches the ball, a giant sword will fall and hit the opponent and the opponent cant move for 6 seconds.

Golden Slice Shot ( Air Shot ) Edit

He will jump and slice to the opponent goal many times. he has 3 balls and if the opponent touches the ball the opponent will sliced into 5 pieces for 5 seconds.

Sword Attack Shot ( Counter Attack ) Edit

He will run to the opponent's goal and attack it with his sword. if the opponent touches the ball the effect is same as his air shot.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the tournament by scored 10 goal in every match or unlock for 9,900,900.


He wears a gravity costume, the costume will change the gravity force but only effected to the opponent ( every 7 seconds ). its SS rank and speed +6 jump +3 dash +3 power +6 kick +5. unlock for 9,900,000.

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