It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Zambia has a brown skin with black hair. His eyes are blue and big. His nose, mouth, ears are small.

If you click on the Power Button, Zambia transforms into zebra shepherd. The stadium transforms into a savanna.


Flag of Zambia

Power ShotsEdit

Zambia has 2 Power Shot an 1 Counter Attack.

Zebra Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Zambia's Air Shot is called Zebra Shot. Three Zebras appears on the side of Zambia.The zebra's throws the ball something randomly in the air. 

Zebra Rock Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Zambia's Ground Shot is called Zebra Rock Shot. One zebra appears on the side of Zambia with in front of him a rock. The zebra walks to the rock and push the rock very fast to the opponent. If you touch the rock, the rock fells split up and the Zambia's opponent is unconscious for 4 seconds.

Zebra Run Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Zambia's Counter Attack is called Zebra Run Shot. Another Zebra appears on the side of Zambia. The Zebra runs very fast to the opponent. If the opponent touches the zebra he is throwed up in the air.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Major League without Jump and Power Shot.


Zambia wears a Sand Shooter hat. This is a SS rank costume and it fires at the 3 seconds sand at the opponent. If you touch the sand you're under the sand (like Egypt's Power Shot)


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