1008px-Flag of Zimbabwe.svg

The flag of Zimbabwe


This idea is made by FranceSwitzerland. He has a black skin with black hair. He has big brown eyes.

If you activate the Power Button, Zimbabwe transforms into a yachtsman. The stadium transforms into a lake (like Victoria lake).

Power ShotsEdit

Zimbabwe has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Waterfall Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Zimbabwe's Air Shot is called Waterfall Shot. A river appears at the top of the stadium with a waterfall at the end. On the right of the river appears a sailing ship with Zimbabwe in the ship. The sailing ship fells from the waterfall at the opponent. 2 seconds later the ball flows at the river in the goal. If Zimbabwe's opponent touch the sailing ship he is disappeared for 4 seconds.

Lake Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Zimbabwe's Ground Shot is called Lake Shot. Zimbabwe sails with a sailing ship in the lake. Then there comes a hard wind and the sailing ship blows to the opponent of Zimbabwe. If the opponent touch the Sailing Ship is disappeared for 5 seconds. This Ground Shot is difficult because the ship comes fast to the opponent. 

Water ball Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Zimbabwe's Counter Attack is called Water Ball Shot. Zimbabwe makes a Water ball with the ball inside and throws it to the opponent. If the opponent touch the Water ball he is under the water for 4 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Unlock and buy all the A rank Costumes.


Zimbabwe wears a Water hat. This a SS Rang that fires water to the opponent. This water pushes the opponent hard away.


  • Zimbabwe is a country in the South of Africa. It has borders with South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique.
  • The Victoria waterfalls are in Zimbabwe, That's why the Air Shot is called Waterfall Shot.

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