Created by Awy99


Zodiac Aries has blue skin, small nose, medium mouth with sharp tooth, medium ears, green hair, medium black eyes and he has gills on his cheeks. When the powerbar is full the stadium will full filled by water and the shark apear to attack the opponent every 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Zodiac Aquarius has 2 power shots and 1 counter attack.

Megalodon Shot ( Air Shot ) Edit

When the ball touch Zodiac Aquarius not on the ground, 3 megalodons with the balls inside will apear and free swim on the screen after 4,3 seconds all megalodons will attack by spin its self to the opponent's goal and if the opponent touch the balls the opponent will get outbof the screen for 6 seconds ( to the water surface ).

Dunkleosteus's Energy Shot ( Ground Shot )Edit

When the ball touch Zodiac Aquarius on the ground 3 dunkleosteuses will apear and make a medium energy ball after 3,6 seconds the dunkleosteuses will shot the energy ball with the ball inside to the opponent's goal and if the opponent touch the ball, the opponent will be eaten by the dunkleosteuses.

Leviathan Shot ( Counter Attack ) Edit

When he block the opponent's attack a leviathan will swim to the opponent's goal. if the opponent touches the ball the opponent will go to the surface for 6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Beat all character before him and him 20 times, win all league 20 times, win tournament 20 times, and win the headcup 20 times using turkey. or unlock for 13,800,000


he doesn't wear a costume.


Megalodon, dunkleosteus and leviathan are water creatures.

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